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Casino Card Game – Intelligent Casino Entertainment for everyone

Casino card game – the magic of cards

Card video games are specifically associated with intelligence and skillfulness. These are video games that besides the presence of randomness in the gameplay, require the knowledge and abilities to win. Naturally, even here you can relax and hope that your luck will not let you down. However learning a bit more about cards, you end up being able to affect the video game from your side.

The brochure of card video games in gambling establishment

When you begin the game on your gadget, the video gaming table appear in front of you on your screen. The table is drawn out for various areas: where cards lie, where bets are made, and so on. Various games use different tables along with they have various guidelines and functions:

  1. blackjack; it is the most played casino card game and comes from 2-person card games (the game takes place between the bettor and the croupier);
  2. baccarat; it has really similar gameplay to blackjack, but different calculations and the wagering system;
  3. poker; poker is a common word that unifies various kinds of this video game; it can be played by numerous players and all of them bet each other;
  4. video poker; this is a mix of poker and a slot.

All versions have their own version and designs, and excite countless gamers around the globe.


Blackjack is a game of discovering possibilities and making matching actions throughout the play. The gameplay is the following:

  • all participants make their bets; they can bet whether on the triumph of the player, or the triumph of the croupier, or the tie;
  • the bettor is dispersed with two cards, so is the croupier, and among the croupier’s cards is exposed to everyone;
  • according to this card and his own cards, the bettor makes a move: hit/stand, double, split or surrender;
  • the croupier continues with his relocation and cards are opened and computed.

The gambler will succeed, if his card combination is nearer to 21 than the one of the croupier. However, if it is more than 21, he loses right away. After all estimations, the winner is named and bets are paid.


This video game is the quickest one amongst card casino games, and after the bets are made on the success of the gamer of the casino, the entire gameplay is performed in numerous steps:

  1. both the gambler and the croupier are dispersed with 2 cards each, and all individuals can see these cards;
  2. in case the cards of the gambler are 5 or less, another card is contributed to those on his hands and they are counted once again;
  3. in case the cards of the bettor are 10 and more, in the received number of points, the first figure is downed;
  4. the combination of cards is counted and the one that is nearest to 9 wins.

After all actions, the winner is named and bets are paid.


Video poker is a casino card game that comes from easy card video games. The player receives 5 cards on the screen and after that can draw a number of cards to change those he currently has in order to integrate a poker hand.

Other poker games are far more advanced. They can be divided on:

  • draw poker – where players can replace a number of cards with others;
  • stud poker – where both face-down and face-up cards are provided to bettors;
  • community card poker – where hidden cards are offered to gamblers and revealed cards are put in the middle.

All types are fascinating in their own method, so select your favorite and take pleasure in!

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